2 Buy Rated Infrastructure Stocks Poised to Take Off

. 2 Buy Rated Infrastructure Stocks Poised to Take OffPresident Biden’s proposed $2 trillion-plus infrastructure spending plan is expected to be a once-in-a-lifetime investment. As investors seek to capitalize on that potentially huge industry tailwind, we think infrastructure stocks Tetra Tech (NASDAQ:TTEK) and Columbus McKinnon (CMCO) should be solid investment bets now.Nationwide infrastructure in the United States is expected to be reshaped by President Biden’s proposed $2 trillion-plus spending plan, given his ambitious desire to upgrade the broad swaths of the country’s infrastructure and pave the way for relatively new industries, such as electric vehicles and clean energy, to expand their operations. The construction materials market is expected to grow at a 15.7% CAGR over the next four years to hit $1.12 trillion by 2025. Investor interest in the infrastructure space is evidenced by the Global X Funds Global X U.S. Infrastructure Development ETF’s (PAVE) 96.1% returns compared to the S&P 500 Trust ETF’s (SPY) 47.9% gains over the period.Given this backdrop, we think it is wise to invest in fundamentally sound infrastructure stocks Tetra Tech, Inc. (TTEK) and Columbus McKinnon Corporation (CMCO) that are poised to deliver significant returns in the coming months.Continue reading on StockNews